Saturday, December 29, 2007

Holiday travel*

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a child in possession of a bladder must be in want of a bathroom stop -- even if the child in question peed 32 minutes previously at the last rest stop and you are cruising along the 401 through Toronto doing 120, just passing Avenue Road in the far left fast lane of the express lanes which necessitates crossing the 12 or so lanes of express traffic, merging into the collector lanes, crossing the 9 or so lanes of collector traffic, finding an exit, finally exiting at Weston Rd and finding a McDonald's in the dark, in heavy traffic.

Holiday travel is so. much. fun.

I am posting from my sister's in Belle River, will be posting from home again by January 2nd. Happy New Year, everyone!!

*Apologies to Jane Austen


  1. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Glad you finally got there!

    My kids are like that too...gotta pee every 4 minutes on a trip. Thankfully the one that needs to pee all the time can pee standing up! ;)

  2. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Times like that make me thankful for boys. Pull over, open the door, pants down, pee. Pants up, close the door, and off you go.

    Much better on an isolated road or lightly traveled parkway, but possible on an interstate median in an emergency.

  3. You just described Lily exactly. Only you need to add in the fact that she gets car sick too. The only good thing about it is that she makes it hard to travel, so not very many trips to see the in laws. :)

  4. Yup, exactly what Alissa said! Boys are so easy to give bathrooms breaks to!

  5. It is also a truth universally acknowledged that the kidlets will eat every scrap of food in the car, including some stale Goldfish crackers from under the car seat, and then still be starving to death.

  6. we did the toronto travel thing too. silly us, we thought if we left at 7:00 p.m., the girls would drift to sleep at around their bedtime (8:00 p.m.) and we would have a quiet ride to Toronto. silly silly us. we had peace and quiet from about 10:30 to 11:00 p.m.

  7. LOL. Next time let me know you're passing thru and you can do a bathroom break at chez Josie :)
    Happy New Year!!