Friday, December 21, 2007

All she wants for Christmas

4:17 a.m. this morning:

Leah [calling]: "Mom? Mom, can you come in here?"
Me [struggling out of bed]: "What's wrong? Are you OK?"
Leah: "Yeah. I just lost my tooth in my bed." [grinning an extra gap-toothed grin]
[A short search turns up the tooth in question.]
Leah: "Cool. Put it under my pillow!"
Me: "Umm, I think we missed the Tooth Fairy. It's almost morning, my alarm will be going off in an hour. How about we put the tooth under your pillow tonight instead?"
Leah: "OK."
Me: "Goodnight, sweetie."
Leah: "Goodnight." [Then, trying out her new mouth] "Crithmith. Merry Chrithmith. Hey Mom, I sound just like the song!"


  1. I love that picture.
    So "Tooth Fairy", what's the going rate these days??

    **And another early morning for you...hang in there, the Holidays and sleeping in are coming soon.

  2. Josie - the TF brings a toonie. Any less makes losing a tooth seem not very important. Any more, and in the words of my friend Evelyn on the occasion of her daughter's first visit from the TF: "I don’t want to encourage this as a business enterprise. Next thing you know she’ll be going after my $2000.00 crowns with a set of pliers while I’m sleeping just to get some extra cash."

  3. She looks like Drew :-)

    Your girls are too cute.

  4. Aww. She's beautiful.

    Merry Crithmuth to her indeed!

  5. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Priceless picture! Glad she's so happy about it!


  6. What an absolute sweetheart. That smile is so worth the early wake-up call.

  7. Great picture--and great timing...oops--I just made a typo and missed the "e" in the second "great" and then I realized I could have just left it as a comment for your blog!

  8. Too funny. I have had similar excursions with teeth. Too bad, she missed Christmas card season.