Friday, August 24, 2007

Overheard in the bathroom

Discussing their day at daycare while brushing teeth...

Rachel: Then Evan threw the truck and it hit Wyatt in the balls.

Leah: You mean the peepee spot?

Rachel: I mean the penis. Boys have penises, right Mom?

Alison: Umm-hmm.

Leah: I wonder why they sometimes call penises "balls" and "nuts"?

Rachel [reflectively, scrubbing at a back molar]: I don't know.

Leah: Maybe because a penis is as long as a few tennis balls?

Rachel: Maybe.

Alison [glad to have a toothbrush in her mouth to stop her having to answer]: Snorts with toothpastey laughter.

I've always made it a point to use the correct terminology when talking about body parts with the girls. It just makes sense to me. I don't want one of my daughters, at age 23, sitting on the table in the gynie's office saying "I think there's something wrong down there." If you know the right names for parts of your own body, it's empowering, and if you use them from a young age, then those words don't sound so embarrassing in your mouth when you have to use them later in life. My girls know that girls have vaginas and boys have penises. But I didn't think I'd have to explain testicles. At least, not yet.

And on an unrelated note, this is my 100th blog posting. Yay me! And it's about testicles. Is this a classy blog or what?


  1. LOL
    That is absolutely hilarious!!
    And I agree totally about using the correct terminology for body parts - their ours, we might as well know what to call them.

    And congrats on your 100th post!!

  2. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Happy 100!

    How many tennis balls is a few? Because I'm looking at a stack of 3 right now, and *wow*, that would be something!

  3. LMAO! You're girls are just too much entertainment for me.

    Happy 100th post!

  4. haha! Oh, I can't wait for those convos...

    Happy 100th!

  5. I knew this post would be worth reading just from the title but i must say that was even better than expected lol ... I actually laughed out loud .. no joke

  6. You haven't giggled until you've heard a 2 year old boy try to say testicles. It's a hard word.

    I agree about correct's quite important!

  7. I LOVE that your 100th post is about balls. You're my kind of gal.

    I use the correct terms with my kids too but for some reason I always end up calling testicles "balls". I think if I asked my son to point out his testicles he'd be totally confused.