Thursday, March 08, 2007

Lucky me!

Grey's Anatomy is a repeat tonight! Woohoo!

Normally that wouldn't make me happy, but tonight it does. That means that I won't feel that pang of regret at missing a new episode of my addiction the show while I'm out at Scotiabank Place watching the Sens kick the crap outta the Leafs. *happy sigh*

It gets better. I have amazing seats in the 100s, just 10 rows from the ice on a corner, so the view will be awesome. And the tickets were given to me! My neighbour Jim (yes, that neighbour) phoned me up last week and said that a supplier from work had given him a couple of tickets to the game and since he had to curl that night, and his wife wasn't interested in going, could I "take them off his hands". I was nearly speechless. A sold-out game between the Sens and their arch-rivals, the whiny, sucky Leafs? Ummm, yeah, I think I could do that, lol.

And, I have a date for the game. It just keeps getting better and better.


  1. Hey--watch what you say about the Leafs--Andrew is their biggest fan! (although I'm not sure why because his dad loves the Canadiens!) So, we'll be waiting in anticipation to hear about the big date...have a great time!

  2. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Alison and her date, sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!

    Have a great time!

  3. haha! Just read Alissa's comment--I think we're both just jealous!

  4. Soooo, how did you sleep last night?