Saturday, January 07, 2012

A haiku composed on the occasion of not having my Christmas decorations put away yet

It’s Ukrainian
Christmas today. My story.
Sticking to it. Yeah.


  1. What a load of pierogis! Have you taken them down though? Ours are down, mostly boxed but nit actually put away.

  2. Nope. Tree still up, mantel still decorated. It's on the agenda for tomorrow. But Leah and Rae *are* a quarter Ukrainian, so I'm not sweating it. ;-P

  3. Thank you - now I have a good excuse for still having my lights up :)

  4. Of course you do. You are celebrating your grand-daughters' heritage. ;-P

  5. I took down the wreath on the front door yesterday. That was my concession to Christmas.

    The tree's still up at the cottage though. I guess I'll have to take it down next weekend. Bleh.

  6. kim k4:12 PM

    Wow alison granny would love that dinner.

  7. Haha! My mother would be delighted to see somebody else appreciating that logic!

  8. Hey...whatever holiday requires you to eat what is in that photo is okay with me. All decorations down here. Will be back. I'm slowly returning to the blog scene.

    Formerly A. Lounge

  9. Jazz - I had to take it all down on Sunday because they were picking up the Christmas trees for chipping on Monday. Wish I had some perogies.

    Kim - Me too! I would love some Ukraininan food.

    Tattytiara - It works for me! :) Thanks for stopping by.

    Third Rail - Hey! Nice to see you again. And yes, the Ukrainian Christmas meal is really delish. Mmmmmm, cabbage rolls....