Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back seat conversations: the meaning of lyrics edition

So we were driving back from soccer one day last month, and "Kiss You (When it's Dangerous)" came on the radio. I've embedded the video above for those of you (my U.S and U.K. friends) who have probably never heard this 80s Ottawa band's most famous song.

And from the back seat came this conversation:

Leah [singing along]: ♫ ♪ I'll kiss you when it's dangerous. I'll kiss you then and only then. ♪

Rae: What do you think they mean by "kiss you when it's dangerous"? What does it mean?

Leah: I don't know.

Rae: Maybe it means that he will only kiss her if she's tied up on a moving conveyor belt with sharp knives on it.

Leah: Ummm....

Rae: And lasers.

Leah: Nah, it probably means that he's going to kiss her when she's mad at him and he might get slapped if he tries. So it's dangerous.

Rae: Like she's mad because he didn't buy her some shoes?

Leah: Exactly.


  1. Hey -- yeah. What the hell DOES that song mean anyway?

  2. Damned if I know. I just googled "what does 'kiss you when it's dangerous' mean", and this post was second. The first return was an 80s music blog which was posing the same question. I guess we'd have to ask the band. If they're still in Ottawa, they're probably middle managers at an IT company in Kanata.

  3. Yep, that's exactly what it means. :-)

  4. Oh that conversation could have taken so many turns. Glad it very innocently humorous! Enjoyed!

  5. Anonymous4:23 PM

    Damn I like how that kid thinks!

  6. I love how their idea of dangerous is so concrete. :-)

    Given a recent conversation with our 10 year old daughter, she might interpret this to mean "when Dad's got the shot-gun aimed at him."

  7. Jen - I guess so, lol.

    Snipewife - Thanks for stopping by and commenting! My girls are often humourous. And good for blog fodder.

    Jazz - Yeah, me too.

    Renee - Thanks for stopping by and commenting! A shotgun would definitely be dangerous.

  8. Too funny! There's nothing better than overhearing your children talking. I never understand a thing that comes out of the mouths of mine. It's all Warhammer this and Zombie apocalypse that. It may be funny but I just don't get it LOL!

  9. They are so funny...I love Leah & Rachel conversations :)

  10. Karen - I'm sure there'll come a time when I have no idea what they're talking about. And knowing my kids, zombies will probably be the subject too, lol.

    Velocigirl - Hi! Haven't seen you in a while. I love their conversations too. Just wait til the Brachiopod gets bigger, I'm sure he'll crack you up with his convos.