Thursday, September 09, 2010

I'm going to need a pointy hat with a veil

This morning did not start well. Somehow the alarm didn't go off, and I slept in an hour and a half late. So it was an insane scramble to get the kids to school on time and then get to work for an early meeting with my boss.

And of course, just as I dropped the girls off, the empty light on the gas gauge came on, which meant a detour to the gas station.

But there, at the gas station, when I went in to pay for the gas after pumping it, the day got a bit brighter. First, there was the surprisingly good coffee I bought there, as I hadn't had time to make any at home. And then there was the fact that the cashier called me "My Lady."

Yeah, "My Lady." Not "Miss" or "Ms." or the dreaded "Ma'am." But "My Lady". I felt like Guinevere.

It was very courtly and unexpected:
"Just the coffee and gas?"
"Yes, thanks, just the coffee and gas. I'd like to pay with my debit card."
"Do you have an Airmiles card, My Lady?"
"Um. Oh. Yes, here it is."
"Have a good day, My Lady."
"Thanks. [trying not to giggle] You too."

I was really tempted to add "My Lord" to the end of my last sentence. But I didn't. I did smile all the way to work though.


  1. Anonymous3:54 PM

    I take it My Lady's day has been going a bit better since then?

  2. What a nice way to stop the bad mojo at the beginning of your day.

  3. I glanced really quickly at your drawing. I thought My Lady was shooting her chariot with a 9mm semiautomatic hand gun!

  4. Jazz - Yes, My Lady's day went a lot better after that.

    Jen - Yep, that and the coffee put me in a good mood.

    Laura - What? Are you dissing my amazing Microsoft Paint skills? ;-)It's obvious that I'm pumping gas in the picture. OK, well not *obvious* exactly, but that's what Stick Alison is doing. I don't think My Lady would carry a 9mm.

  5. LOVE IT!
    after that awful start that's enough to change the day for sure.
    It's just so much nicer than Maam. I say we should only answer to that in future.

  6. Aw, I'd love to be addresses as "my Lady". In Edinburgh, you get called "hen". It's just not the same.

  7. You slept an hour and a half late and still made everything on time? Clearly you don't subscribe to my 'sleep until the last possible second and then rush around like mad and make it at the last possible second' routine. Wise woman (sorry, Lady.)

  8. Truly, it's the little things...

  9. Clippy - I think that's a great plan. I'll tell my boss that unless she calls me 'my lady', I'm not answering. I wonder how that'll go down.

    Loth - "Hen" has its own charm, I think. And I thought that was just in Glasgow. Edinburgh too, eh, hen?

    Biblio - Well, I was half an hour late for my meeting, but I had called in and explained why I was going to be late, in French, and my boss is very understanding and since she's being very supportive of my French training, and impressed with my explanation, I was OK.

    Nat - It really, really is. It surprises me sometimes how the littlest thing can have the biggest effect on my mood.

  10. I love it.
    A parking lot attendant made my day recently when he called me 'Young Lady'... I'm 39.
    Nat is right: it's the little things for sure.