Friday, January 22, 2010

Wii are amused

The girls got a Wii for Christmas, and after playing Wii Fit at my sister's place over New Year's, they elected to pool some of their Christmas money last week and buy it for home. I don't know if you are familiar with Wii, though you probably are, but for some games (on the Wii Fit and Wii Sports) you can create a character to represent you when you play. This is called a 'Mii'. Cute.

So Rae's Mii is brunette with green eyes, Leah's Mii has blond bangs and brown eyes, and my Mii has grey blonde hair. You get the picture. The other day I was cleaning the kitchen and I could hear the Wii music and piles of giggles coming up the stairs from the basement. I called down and asked which game they were playing. Leah answered that they weren't playing, but were creating new Miis to choose from. The giggles went on for quite some time.

So, last night, I finally got around to setting up the Wii Fit balance board for the girls to play with. Squinting at the directions, I synched the balance board with the Wii console, and we were in business. Rae wanted to go first. When the selection of Miis came up on the screen to choose from, in addition to the Rae, Leah and Alison Miis were the following:

  • A dark-haired, vaguely Beatles-looking guy named Rick
  • A scary scar- or wrinkle-faced person with brown skin and pale blonde little-girl ponytails named Oyusa
  • A guy who looked a lot like Graham Greene, with long grey braids and granny glasses called Hagerlot
  • And finally, a tanned, spiky-haired guy with bulgy eyes and a very intense look on his face called:

wait for it...... BigO.

(I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.)

I nearly killed myself laughing, and the worst part was that I couldn't explain to Leah why the name she'd made up was so funny.


  1. Anonymous9:57 AM

    What, no Big Luke? (BFF)

  2. BFF -- LOL, nope, it was Leah who was making up the names, not Big Luke.

  3. How funny!

    My girls *love* making Miis and I think that they currently have nearly 100 (the maximum).

    I have a Mii but have never played even one minute on the Wii.

    Pete got a WiiFit for Christmas and it's still in the box. Our lofty goal for this weekend is to get it out and start sweating.

  4. At least you always have a source of entertainment at your house!

  5. Jen - The Wii Fit games are pretty fun. But harder than they look. The slalom skiing is good, and the ski jump. The girls like the hula hoop, but I'm hopeless. Have fun!

    SaraJ - do you mean the Wii, or Leah?

  6. I am ridiculously behind the times. OK, even I know what a Wii is (and is it me or is that name just dumb), but who knew you could create Miis...

  7. LOL, fantastic! My kids have just turned on the Wii so they can do it too!

  8. Reminds me of the time when we were trying to come up with a user name for Webkinz World for Angus. Angus and Baseball Guy and the next forty names we tried were all taken, so he started shouting out names and I was typing them in really fast, and before I really thought about it I had typed in and entered... Potguy.

    So proud.

  9. ahahaha....

    We set up the Boy's Facebook page he was all excited about Mafia Wars (parenting fail I know).. he called his character Jerk Off.

    His mii... is a tall skinny black man who wears a toque and sunglasses... (poor child is scarred.)

  10. The depressing moment is when you step on the board and your little Mii gains 40 pounds before your eyes.

  11. wii are amused.....soooo funny.
    the girls spend half their time making miis. whatever keeps them quiet i say.


  12. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Enjoying your blog :)