Tuesday, July 28, 2009

There is a big giant hole in my front yard

Here, look at this:

Or this: (Mmmmmmm)

Or even this:

These lovely pictures will have to hold you for a while, since I will be dealing with this for the foreseeable future:

Late Friday Night/early Saturday morning, a thunderstorm dropped more than 6 inches of rain in less than two hours. My basement was flooded and I might have lost my computer. I'll know when it all dries out. Also, in a probably related occurence, a giant sinkhole appeared in my front lawn. Approximately 1 metre across and 2 metres deep. Nice.

I have to keep this short, as I am at work. I don't know when I'll be blogging again in any sort of regular manner, but rest assured you'll find out all about the flood and the recovery when I get a home computer up and running again.


  1. Yikes, that is a big hole! I hope your computer recovers and all is well.

    Your pic of Daniel Craig was VERY helpful. :)

  2. I'm in the same boat. Our basement flooded on Friday too. Luckily, nothing got damaged, except for an old tv. Hopefully it doesn't rain like that again any time soon

  3. Wow. Impressive sinkhole.

  4. Mmmmm Daniel Craig....

    Um.. oh! what? sinkhole?

    Daniel............ *drool*

  5. great pictures in the meantime. hope you fix your hole soon. =)

  6. Two meters deep!!! And a messed up computer????
    Holy crap that sucketh big time...

    Hope, at the very least that the computer comes back.

  7. Yikes. Can you just fill it back in?

  8. Thanks everyone. I think the computer is going to make it. I should be back online one way or another by next week.

    Sorry to hear that you were flooded too, A&Jblog. It'll be a couple of weeks until everything is dried out and refurbished, but I'm covered by insurance, and it was only stormwater, not sewage, so it wasn't all that bad. The sinkhole is another thing altogether. I've reported it to the city, but it's on my property so I'll probably have to deal with it.

    Anyone have any bodies they need getting rid of?? Kidding, kidding...only kidding.

    Now I'm off to have a cup of tea and think about Daniel Craig, er, I mean work.

  9. Maybe whatever big shiny thing landed in the river the other day sent out an preliminary chunk to land in your yard?? Have you checked for oozing and/or glowing green stuff in that hole?

  10. Oh, my profound sympathies. Flooded basements might be even slightly worse than fires. I'm so glad there was no sewage involved.

    Holy sinkhole, Batman!

  11. Oh mY, we have been having lots of rain and flooding here too. We had a mini river flowing across our yard just the other night and before that our road washed out and we couldn't get out. UGH! Good luck, I hope your computer is okay.

  12. Wow, big hole! What a pain in the butt! I hope it fixes easily and your computer is okay

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