Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random thoughts

  • Random thought upon seeing a bunch of highschool boys at the ice cream stand trying to impress the girls: Just because you can grow a beard, doesn't mean you should.

  • Random thought upon first noticing the unusually large number of robins in Carp this spring/summer: Awwww, it's so nice to see all the birds around. It must mean that the environment is doing well, at least around here.

  • Random thought upon seeing that Norwalk Furniture has changed its name to Lûxe Home Interiors: It's about time. Really, who wants to buy furniture from a store that shares its name with a virus that causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain. Kind of like bragging to your neighbour, "Yes, that couch is stunning, isn't it. We got it at Stomach Flu Fine Furniture -- you know, down on Carling Avenue?" That was probably the worst business name since "Ayd's Meat Market" back in Windsor.

  • Random thought upon noticing all the bird poop, mostly from robins, on the driveway: Wow, there are a lot of birds around this year.

  • Random thought upon purchasing LCBO gift cards as end-of-year teachers' gifts: Nothing says "Thanks for educating my child" like alcohol.

  • Random thought upon skimming bird poop out of the pool for the first time: Hey, bird poop floats! Who knew?

  • Random thought upon skimming bird poop out of the pool for the second and subsequent times: Freaking birds, stop CRAPPING in my pool!

  • Random thought upon being woken for the first time at 4:20 a.m. by the sound of birdsong: How beautiful! Back when I lived in Ottawa, it was sirens from the fire station that woke me in the night. This is so much nicer and gentler.

  • Random thought upon being woken for the second and subsequent times at 4:20 a.m. by the sound of birdsong: Shut up, shut up, Shut Up, SHUT UP! OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WILL YOU PLEASE JUST SHUT UP AND LET ME SLEEP!!!!!!

  • Random thought upon finding the remains of a robin on my front walkway that had run afoul (afowl?) of a predator during the night: Yesssssss! (accompanied by Gretzkyesque fist pump.)

  • Random thought upon hearing coyotes yipping and howling down in the valley in the wee hours of this morning: Wow, the hair on my arms just stood up. What a wild and amazing sound! How lucky am I to hear that haunting noise coming in through the window on the night breeze while I'm tucked up all safe in my bed? Nature is beautiful.... I wonder if coyotes eat robins.


  1. Note to self: Kill all birds in Virginia before Alison visits.

  2. Jen - Not ALL birds. Just robins.

  3. LCBO certificates are a BRILLIANT idea. I'm putting that on my own wish list -- I'll need it by the end of summer holidays.

  4. LCBO? Crap, why didn't I think of that. I'll just bet teachers would rather get free booze than free books.

  5. Lynn, Biblio - I asked my friend Katy, who's an elementary school teacher, what teachers like to receive as gifts. She said that gifts aren't necessary, but the best things to buy a teacher if you want to get them something are 1. LCBO gift cards, 2. Chapters gift cards or 3. Really good chocolate. Just so's you know.

  6. Lucky to have a pool in this heat!

  7. Thanks for the morning giggle! And I'm not a teacher, but I'd never turn down an LCBO gift card!

  8. Hmm,,,

    Friend of ours in Carp lost their cat to a predator -

    Your hearing coyotes could 'splain that

  9. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Very good! I'm sure B's kindergarten teacher could have used the booze!

    I can totally empathize with your mother nature issues. Ours seems to be owls, coyotes, and gaggle of noisy geese!

  10. Beth - Yeah, well the ongoing pool saga is probably a blog in itself. We are not yet swimming. All the nitrogen from the bird droppings plus a bumper year for pollen has made reaching, let alone maintaining, water quality somewhat of a challenge. I hope to be swimming by the weekend, fingers crossed.

    Badness - You and me both, sister. I haven't had a complaint yet giving those to teachers. Heck, they probably need to relax on the deck on a weekend with a vodka cooler even more than the next person.

    Elliot - Sorry to hear that. That's one reason that the Evil Ninja Assassin Cat is an indoor cat, much to his disgust. In addition to coyotes down along the river, there are also fishers in the area that would make short work of a kitty.

    Anonymous (that is you, isn't it Sara?) - I think even non-drinking teachers could always use a bottle of wine to have on hand for visitors or to take as a hostess gift. I'm not sure who would need it more - a kindergarten teacher, or a highschool teacher. It's a toss up, lol.

    And it always surprises me how loud geese are. How are the new ones doing?

  11. Speaking of things with unappealing names -- CARP??? Hearing the coyote howl in the night must be very cool (unless you have an outdoor pet, of course)

  12. XUP - Yeah I KNOW. I remember, way before I moved there, taking the Carp Road exit off the 417 to go to Stittsville, and thinking, "Who would live in a place named Carp?"

    The coyotes yip more than they howl, but it's a really amazing sound. I've woken Leah up in the night before now to come into my room and listen to them through my window.

  13. You are being featured on Five Star Friday!

  14. Hysterical...
    You know the only sirens I notice these days are the air raid sirens. (I don't know either... well I will call them air raid siren like -- no clue.)

    Crows however... stupid crows always wake me up.

  15. The best worst business name I have ever seen is a funeral home in my mother in law's hometown. It's called Amigone Funeral Home.

    I laugh EVERY TIME I see it.

  16. Anonymous7:18 PM

    I miss listening to the Carp coyotes and to the sounds from the drive-in bingo on warm July evenings. Now you've gone and made me all homesick again.


  17. I always gave LCBO gift cards to Ty's teachers and now that Sam is in the same school they were drooling for her end of year present:)
    Honestly. Your putting up with my kid for 6 - 7 hours a day? You deserve it.
    I'll trade you birds for an earwig surplus. Seriously. Those things creep me out.
    And the teenage beard thing?? so taking a pic of Ty when he hasn't shaved. Its humourous.