Monday, July 14, 2008

The weekend by the numbers

I ran this same type of post last year at this time. And was reminded when I saw it quite serendipitously on Rude Cactus this morning. So, due to a lack of originality, and without further ado, I present:

My weekend by the numbers:

Number of children with strep throat: 1 (Better than last year, when I had 2 children with chicken pox)

Number of years since my ex walked out: exactly 3 on Sunday

Number of glasses of wine consumed in celebration of singlehood: 2

Number of nights a sleep-out in the tent in the backyard (practice camping) was attempted: 2

Number of nights actually spent in the tent in the backyard: 1

Number of storybooks read by flashlight: 3

Number of silly jokes told and giggled at: 1,583

Number of times I said, "It's only the wind in the tree.": 312

Number of children who ended up actually sleeping *ON* me in the tent: 2

Number of times I woke during the night due to being elbowed: 14

Number of big trucks and heavy machinery that rumbled past the backyard at an ungodly early hour of the morning on their way to the new subdivision being built : 26

Number of Advil taken for lack-of-sleep headache: 1


  1. So it was a good weekend, yes?

  2. Real camping will be easier because they'll be more tired...

    I have just come to accept that any night in a tent with a child is not going to involve much sleep.

    Still sounds like fun.

  3. Camping? You courageous woman.

  4. I've never tried sleeping in a tent with my kids. Only Andy is brave enough. If we ever go camping, I'm getting my own tent!

  5. Congratulations on the singlehood -- the rest of it is just gravy!!

  6. Why on earth does anyone camp? Seriously. After all the money you paid for a bed, why would you willingly choose to sleep on the ground?

    I don't get it.

    Congrats on the singledom though! I am having a green apple vodka for you tonight:)

  7. Well you're certainly a better Mom than I am! I hate sleeping in tents, so I won't even "Practice" with them!

    Amen to having glasses of wine in celebration!

  8. Sounds like fun!

    Elbowed? Ouch!

  9. Hmm, so practice camping didnt go too well?!!!! Maybe we'll postpone our plans for a couple more years.
    Cheers to being single......

  10. Only one Advil? Hopefully you took it with a shot of Jack!