Monday, January 28, 2008

Cougar's Corner

I'll apologize in advance to my American and/or overseas readers: unless you are hockey fans AND catch the CBC feed of the Saturday night games (Hockey Night in Canada) on your satellite dish, this probably won't make any sense at all.

For you Canadians (especially my fellow hockey chicks Josie and Susan and Becca), enjoy.

Oh, and the fact that I am in my forties, divorced, a hockey fan and I own a copy of this book (thanks, Natalie) does in no way mean that I endorse the views expressed in the clip. Honest.


  1. LOL!!!
    That was so dead on and hilarious :) Right down to the awful suit jackets Don Cherry as a penchant for.
    Thanks for making my day.

  2. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Ok, that was really good. Not only the derogatory comments about a "Frenchman" and "a little European with a visor," which are spot on, but what really got me was the other woman's Ron McLean: she had his cadences down pat. A much better technical impression than Donna. Though, as with Don, she's the show...

  3. Anonymous5:09 PM

    As Lainey would say: I almost lost my sh*t.

    And you're welcome for the book. Now, where can I order those videos?

  4. That was great! Quite a few years ago, Ron McLean was the grand marshall for our Oktoberfest parade and as he went down King Street everyone kept yelling "Where's Don?" and he would point to the trunk. I don't suppose it's easy being the straight man. Will we be seeing a book review here soon?

  5. Sorry, slow dial-up here so I can't watch the vid. I don't watch hockey anyways, but I do like "The Hockey Monkey Song" by the Zambonies.

  6. That's hilarious...great impressions!!

    Can't wait to read your review on THAT!!!