Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm too sexy for my shoes

Did you ever have one of those days when everything went right?

When the sun was shining and it was breezy and warm? And your hair, for once, looked marvelous -- shiny and bouncy and straight? And you had just the right amount of sleep the night before, and sun the day before, so the bags under your eyes were gone and your face had a rosy, slightly tanned glow? And the small amount of makeup you were wearing made you look fresh and pretty? And you were wearing an outfit that made you feel sexy and stylish? So, all in all, you felt just gorgeous?

And, did you ever have a day when you had all this going for you, and you were walking from where you park your car to your office (about a 7 minute walk) and you noticed a guy walking on the other side of the street? A guy who also noticed you, and seemed to be glancing appreciatively your way? And did it make you feel good -- good enough so that you began to sashay just a little tiny bit? Just giving your hips that little extra swing to say, "yep, I got it going on and I know it"?

And did you ever get caught up in trying to keep the sashaying going while flashing him a shy smile? And while you were trying to do both these things at once, and project an aura of hotness, did you ever catch the toe of one of your new and favourite chocolate suede thong-style sandals in the uneven sidewalk, pitch forward ungracefully, and stumble for a few feet while dropping your bag and watching your belongings spew out and roll into the gutter?

Nah. Me neither.


  1. *snort*

    Nope, that would never happen to me. Nevah!! (she said with fingers crossed behind her back)

    Those are some sexy shoes, though!

  2. LOL..I love the way you write, too funny. Man, it must be nice to have all that going for you! Considering that I never go any where without kids, I doubt if guys ever check me out. But the tripping thing happens all the time.

  3. Hi Allison. I just saw you over at Alissa's blog talking about your viewing problems.

    If all you're seeing is a small box at the top of the photo, try right click in the box. It happened to me and somehow something had been checked that shouldn't have been. It froze me out of the pictures. I "unchecked" it and everything came back.

    It wasn't anything I did, just my computer behaving like HAL.

  4. Anonymous9:29 PM

    sounds exactly like something i'd do! I do love those shoes, but I'd never be able to walk in them.

    And hey--it looks like Granny may have solved some problems. Let me know if her advice works!

  5. LOL! You keep me rolling!