Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mommy. Mommy, mommy, mommy.

Do you remember when your babies were little cooing masses of pinkness and all you could think of and long for was to hear "mama" coming from those little rosebud lips? Yeah, me too. Fast-forward a few years to the present, and, well, not so much anymore.

Because that's *all* I hear. Mommy. Mommy, mommy, mommy. And for a bit of variety: Momma, Mum, Mummy, Mother, Mooottthhherrrr, and the occasional Ma thrown in for good measure. It seems that neither of the girls can start a conversation with me without prefacing it with a minimum of seven mommy's. Rachel does it more than Leah, but Leah does it too. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Here's a conversation we had last night, after Rae's soccer.

Rachel: Mommy. Mommy, mommy. Mom?

Me: Yes?

Rachel: Mommy, mommy...

Me. Yes Rachel, I'm listening, what do you want?

Rachel. Mommy, Leah took the boy Barbie again, and he's *mine*.

Me: OK, Rae, I'll deal with it. It's time to start getting ready for bed, anyway. But you know, once I say 'yes' when you're talking to me, I *know* that it's me you're talking to, and you don't have to keep saying 'Mommy'. OK?

Rachel: Mommy. Mommy....

Me (with a definite edge to my voice): Yes, Rachel?

Rachel: Mommy. Mumma....can we go to the park now?

Me: No, Rae. It's bedtime now. It's too late to go to the park.

Rachel: But Mommy. ... Mommy, I *want* to go to the park. It isn't fair! [start of waterworks].

Me: Rachel, *please* stop saying 'mommy', I *know* you're talking to me. OK, from now on, no more saying 'mommy', I don't want to hear that word again tonight. [sees Rae open her mouth] And don't call me Alison either. [mouth closes and pouts].

Rachel [thinks for a minute]: Dude.....?

You just can't win.


  1. Oh yeah, I can relate. I keep telling Andrew he can start a sentence without saying "mommy" at the beginning and making me say "yes". Just say what you want to say!

  2. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Man, poor Ken, "the boy Barbie." Not only is he congentially emasculated by the good folks at Mattel, he doesn't even rate his own name. Ah well.

    Then again, if there's contentiousness afoot, maybe it's better to have Ken being fought over as he lacks the hard, pointy d├ęcolletage of Barbie which one of my best friends assures me that were insanely painful to have driven into her head by her sister...

  3. From 'Mommy' to 'Dude' in one conversation. ROLMAO!

    I'm not sure which irritates more. Mommy seventy hundred thousand times a day, or....

    "Sooo....like today at school....like (insert name) broke up with (indert name) for like....the 18th time like this wekk. Like she's so annoying about it too. You know, she like totally LIKES him, so this is just totally stupid. ya know? Like really" At no less than a hundred miles an hour. EVERY FREAKIN DAY.

    I think the words Mommy and like she be removed from the english language some days.

  4. Anonymous3:31 PM

    lol @ Dude... :-)

    That's too awesome. Really. Your kids are brilliant!

    Mine don't really do that. They do plenty of annoying things, trust me. But not that one. I am glad.

  5. My kids do that, only they wait until I've started a conversation with Dan. Then its not stop Mommys until I finally stop, mid-sentence, to answer them.

  6. Did you ever see that Family Guy episode where Stewie just stood there saying "Mommy. Mommy! Mum. Mum. Mum! Mama. Mama. Mama! Ma. Ma. Ma. Ma." "WHAT Stewie??" "Hi" *runs away giggling*

    I got "hon" the other day from my three-year-old. That was weird...

    (huh, I think this is the first time I've commented here, even tho I've been a reader for a while!)

  7. LOL at "Dude"! She's funny!

    Bunt yeah, I'm with you with all the "Mommy's" Should be interesting in Niagara!