Friday, June 15, 2007

Je ne suis pas un genius

I went out for lunch today with a group of people from work to celebrate my French teacher's last day. He's leaving for a new job at Stats Can. Yay for them, but it's sad for us, since Vincent is far and away the best teacher I've had yet.

We sat out on the deck at Malone's on Dows Lake. It's a beautiful day today, sunny, clear and hot, and it was very pleasant, if a bit on the warm side. I ended up sitting next to Vincent, and while we were all waiting for our drinks to arrive, we were chatting. In French, of course. Vincent was fanning himself with his tee-shirt collar and said he was hot. He asked me if I was hot too. I answered with "Non, mais je suis toujours froid. (No, but I'm always cold)". He laughed so hard and corrected me so quickly, "Non. 'J'ai toujours froid', Alison" that it took me a minute or two to work out that I had probably told him that I'm always frigid.

I guess I'll have to remember to say that right if I want any success at all at picking up French guys.


  1. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Oh, my! I would so do something like that if I tried to learn another language! Too funny!

  2. And just how HOT is this French teacher?...

  3. Anonymous12:28 AM

    That's hilarious.
    My one and only attempt at French outside of the classroom was while in a mall in Montreal.
    I was asking for the washrooms (or thought I was) and was sent to the toilet section of the department store.