Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Fathers' Day card by Rachel

Once we work on the spelling a bit, I fully expect her to begin a career in the section of Hallmark that makes the snide greeting cards.

The front of the card:

The inside. (I think she gets her sense of humour from me. Seriously.)

But wait, there's more!

Coupons! They start out as your standard kid coupons:

Awww, she's going to make him breakfast:

And he can come and watch her soccer game:

But then I think that she thought that perhaps she wasn't getting enough out of the coupon deal. Et voilà, a coupon good for the chance to take her for ice cream:

And the pièce de resistance:

She'll go far, this one.


  1. Fabulous. She has a great head on her shoulders!

  2. Shes such a character!!!!!

  3. She starts out with kindness and then goes in for the kill. Oh yeah, she'll be fine!

  4. Soften them up first - always works!

  5. I'm glad she was thinking of herself too. :-)

  6. I'm showing this to Eve. Then I'll tell you what she said because I can't think of a good comment and I'm pretty sure she'll have one.

  7. You will be SO HAPPY you have saved this masterpiece!!
    (Not sure she will be though :-)

  8. That`s my Rachel! :)

  9. Anonymous9:19 AM

    She is your daughter indeed.

    I love this kid.

  10. Allyson,

    Didn't I give you the password to my blog? Email me and I'll shoot it over.

    Apathy Lounge

  11. See how layered and methodical her logic is? I love this.

  12. This is adorable! Great post! I'm also loving the Back seat turtles post! I was wondering if I could feature your blog on our New Parenting blogger community http://www.atomicreach.com/microsite/sillylittleones

    If you are interested in learning more about this please email me at annettewong@atomicreach.com


  13. she reminds of my best friend, who when parting ways with someone she has met for the first time says "i'm so glad you got to meet me". classic!


  14. Thanks for all the comments! I really don't know what I'd do for blog material if I didn't have Rachel. She's an original, for sure.

  15. A - think I read a story about you in an old magazine (2009)

    Am I off base? Have any clue what I'm talking about?

    shoot me an email: jessalogic@yahoo.com (I can't find your contact addy!)

    (This has GOT to be the weirdest comment I've ever left!!!)