Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What a long strange trip it's been

I'm just dashing this off quickly before I head for bed. I have a longer, much better post describing my trip from Ottawa down to Windsor percolating, and maybe I'll get to write it tomorrow. Instead, you get a few random thoughts about my trip home today. All 13 hours of it.

Things I learned today:
  • I need Mapquest. Seriously. It sounded easy: pop off the 401 at Burlington and meet Josie for lunch. In reality? Overshoot Burlington while looking for the QEW instead of 403. Finally exit on Eglinton Ave. and have to backtrack, appearing an hour late for lunch.
  • Those small paper bags from Tim's that a single donut comes in don't hold much vomit. Also, they are only waterproof for a short period of time.
  • My sister shells out for the good Ziploc sandwich bags, not the cheap ones.
  • Good sandwich bags can hold a fair bit of vomit in a pinch, and don't leak.
  • Leah gets carsick.
  • Alternatively, Leah has the stomach flu. The jury is still out at this moment.
  • I have amazing friends. Josie waited an hour for me to show up, fielding my increasingly frustrated phone calls with good humour. She let Rae eat most of her lunch when Rae's pizza was not to Rae's liking, and entertained Rae while Leah and I made several trips to the ladies' room. And she let us borrow the couch at her office for Leah to rest a while before I put the poor girl back in the car.
  • My life is totally ruled by Murphy's Law.

Catch you tomorrow. I'm off to bed.


  1. (((hugs))) - am hoping she feels better today

  2. Oh no! Poor Leah! (And you!)

  3. Poor kid... hope she's on the mend. (poor mom, too. Barfing in the car -- double yuck.)

  4. Poor you, poor Leah.

    Yes, Josie rocks.

  5. Oh poor Leah - puking is bad enough but having to aim it into a bag is just rotten! (And how sad am I - I got all excited reading this because I'VE BEEN TO BURLINGTON! I STAYED THERE ONCE! Yup. Sad.)

  6. windsor.. i have made that trip.. that city is stinky.

    hope she feels better and you dont get it

  7. omg. can we count the number of times you said vomit? can't wait to hear the whole story! poor you guys...

  8. Okay, I have had to come back and say (1) Gourmet poutine? Are you kidding me? I need DETAILS!
    And (2) you have my all time favourite read-it-over-and-over book in your sidebar - The Crow Road. (I so want to be Ashley, she's just so cool). That cupboard under your stairs is looking more appealing by the day........